Notice Of Public Meeting Collective Bargaining Negotiations between the City of Orange and the International Association of Firefighters, Local #1432

The following meeting will be held by the City of Orange, Texas:

TYPE OF MEETING:   Collective Bargaining Negotiations between the City of Orange and the International Association of Firefighters, Local #1432

(There may be a quorum of City Council Members at this meeting.  No action will be taken by the Council)

DATE:  June 18, 2020

TIME:   3:00 p.m.

PLACE:  In accordance with order of the Office of the Governor issued March 16, 2020, the City

of Orange will conduct a Collective Bargaining Negotiations Meeting scheduled for June 18, 2020 at 3:00 p.m., located at The Neighborhood Facility Building (City of Orange   Planning   &   Community   Development   and   Public   Works   Building) Neighborhood Facility Conference Room, located at 303 N.  81 Street, Orange, Texas 77630 via telephonic in order to advance the public health goal of limiting face-to-face meetings (also called “social distancing”) to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), There will be no public access to the location above

Collective Bargaining Orange Fire Department July 18, 2020 At 3:00 pm Click Here for More Details

Hog Reports Increasing In Orange-Learn To Stay Safe

Hog Reports Increasing In Orange-Learn To Stay Safe

Feral hog populations are skyrocketing in Texas causing wildlife managers and farmers to scramble for solutions to an expensive problem.

A their statewide population ascends, reports in and around the City of Orange are also increasing.

Award-winning wildlife journalist, author of Hog Wild, and lifelong Orange-area resident Chester Moore says it is important citizens take hogs seriously.

“We shouldn’t be shaking in fear because hogs are in and around our cities but we should be aware and take steps to keep ourselves, families and pets safe,” Moore said.

“Hogs are dangerous and the more they come in contact with people and pets the chances of a tragedy occurring go up too.”

Moore has produced a three part video series entitled Stay Hog Safe to give simple pointers on navigating urban hog territory.

“The first thing is never under any circumstance approach a piglet. I don’t care if you think it’s abandoned, leave it alone. Other than grizzly bears, there is no animal more likely to attack if you mess with their young than feral hogs. Stay away no matter how cute you think the babies are,” Moore said.

Property owners should avoid feeding pets outside and those with deer feeders behind their houses might consider shutting them down when hogs start showing up.

“You can’t stop them from being on your property but you shouldn’t ring the dinner bell either,” Moore said.

As hog numbers increase, encounters in local parks and wooded areas will become more common. Moore said to leave an area if you smell hogs and be extra cautious if you see fresh rootin

“Something else to consider is not walking your dogs in areas with lots of hog activity. The hog is more likely to attack your dog than you and some dogs are likely to go after the hogs. Either way it could turn into a bad situation.”

Moore has hunted hogs from Michigan to Tennessee and throughout Texas and has been chased up trees twice but he said he doesn’t get scared when hogs move into an area and no one else should either.

“We should have a healthy respect for them and by taking some simple precautions we can greatly reduce any chance of attack.”

For more information on Chester’s work on hogs and other wildlife go to


Stay Hog Safe Pt. 1

Stay Hog Safe Pt. 2

Stay Hog Safe Pt. 3

Postponed Events

Postponed Events

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, the City of Orange has postponed the DSRA Drag Boat Races and July 4th Concert and Fireworks Celebration.

The City of Orange encourages members of the community to find safe ways to celebrate the July 4th holiday while practicing social distancing protocols.

Both events will be rescheduled to be held during Labor Day weekend – September 5 & 6.

For additional information concerning City of Orange events, please follow the Orange Convention and Visitors Bureau on Facebook at

Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Applications

Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Applications

The City of Orange Hotel/Motel Tax committee has released applications for non-profit entities within the City of Orange to apply for a portion of the City’s Hotel/Motel Tax funds. Any 501 (C) organization in the City of Orange that attracts visitors to the City of Orange, Texas can submit applications to the committee.  Under Section 351.101 (b) of the Texas Tax Code, revenue from the municipal hotel occupancy tax may be used ONLY to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry.

Through the Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Program, qualified events are able to apply for funds from the City of Orange.  The mission of the Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Program is to provide funds to directly enhance and promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry by applying to one of the following seven statutorily provided categories:

  1. Funding, improvement, or maintenance of a convention center or visitor information center.
  2. Paying the administrative costs for facilitating convention registration.
  3. Advertising, solicitations, and promotions that attract tourist and convention delegates to the City or its vicinity.
  4. Expenditures that promote arts.
  5. Funding historical restoration or preservation programs.
  6. Funding costs in certain counties to hold sporting events that substantially increase hotel activities.
  7. Signage directing tourists to sights and attractions that are visited frequently by hotel guests in the municipality.

The application and guidelines are available on the City of Orange website at .  Applications will be accepted June 15, 2020 through July 10, 2020 at 5 P.M. Applied funds must be for activities occurring October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021.

Applications may be submitted via email to or delivered by mail or in-person to City Hall, 812 N. 16th Street, Orange, Texas 77630, Attention: Leigh Anne Dallas.

For additional information, please contact Leigh Anne Dallas at 409.221.3325 or by email at

Hotel Occupancy Tax Grant Application


Lions Den Park – Proposed Playground Equipment

Lions Den Park – Proposed Playground Equipment

The Orange City Council will be reviewing proposed design layouts for the new Lions Den Playground during the Orange City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 26.  The designs have been provided by three separate playground equipment vendors with ADA inclusive requirements and maximum visibility characteristics.

In February of 2020, an inspection found the wooden structure of Lions Den Park to be structurally unsafe for continued use.   The playground equipment had exceeded its estimated lifespan and required significant updates to meet safety guidelines.

The City of Orange recognizes the special place the park has in the City and looks forward to memories being made on new equipment that provides a safe environment for all who visit the park.

City staff welcomes the citizens of Orange to offer their feedback on the playground equipment via email at